My goal is to get to the root cause of your disease.  If a leaf on a tree is diseased, I am not just going to treat that leaf; I have to treat the whole tree.  This is the same idea in your body.  I am not just going to address your symptoms, we are going to find out the reason your body is out of balance.  Because the intake is so detailed, it is split up into 2 parts. 

At your first 90 minute visit, we will go through your story together and try and uncover any causative factors in your case that have not been previously examined.  At this visit we will address your diet, lifestyle and stress management techniques.  I will order labs and perform a physical exam. 

I will have you return in about 2 weeks in order to review your labs and it is also at this time we will find your homeopathic remedy.  All of my patients get a homeopathic remedy to help heal the deepest imbalances in the system that contribute to a variety of symptoms. 

Many patients find that beginning a treatment plan based on natural medicine that is individualized to their case helps to restore balance from the inside out, allowing them to feel normal again.  This is where the deepest healing begins.  Once you begin to react to the homeopathic remedy, we continue to track your symptoms until we feel satisfied with your healing process.