Dr. Natalie Ham is a Miracle Worker and Healer… and I’m living proof!

I’ve been her patient for 5 years, dealing with specific (and serious) health issues like diverticulitis and high blood pressure, as well as various mood swings that require very specific monitoring and remedies that have truly improved the quality of my life.

Dr. Ham continually asks me questions to heighten my awareness for both mental and physical challenges. She gives me her time and compassion, she stays present in ways that no other doctor has ever done before…every moment of her time is a precious gift to me. She honors and respects my preference for natural healing instead of traditional modalities, yet stays cautious when traditional methods need to be explored. I completely trust her guidance and direction.

Most important of all, Dr. Ham has changed the quality of my life. My eating habits, my morning meditation practice, and my over-all health and well-being are all because of her infinite knowledge and training, as well as her patience and compassionate care.

I stay in gratitude, knowing Dr. Natalie Ham walks by my side!
— Susan B.

Dr. Ham is, hands down, an exceptional care provider - second to none! Her standard of care is unparalleled and the service and attention she provides is amazing. Each time I come to the office, she greets me with a warm smile and sincere “how are you?” She always listens attentively and asks incredibly meaningful questions.

Before seeing Dr. Ham, I hadn’t been to a women’s doctor because nothing was technically “wrong” with me. I felt fine and had deeper fears of sharing my personal details with someone else. Natalie was so loving and easy to connect with, it made the process painless and gave me peace of mind knowing I was healthy and in good hands!

I also learned that homeopathy can help fine tune and upgrade any emotional or mental challenges I experience. For me, perfectionism was a big one. The remedy she put me on worked wonders and helped me get unstuck in several areas of my life (areas I didn’t even realize I was stuck in).

Dr. Ham receives my highest recommendation. If you’re looking for a wellness practitioner who is on your team and has your back, she is it!
— Terra G.

I could fill pages and pages of how Dr. Ham changed my life. She is my guardian angel and a miracle worker, as she was called by one of her colleagues. I have been seeing Dr. Ham for almost two years now and cannot even express all the amazing things she has done for me to improve my health. She has addressed my health on so many levels to improve my quality of life including hormonal issues, gut issues, weight loss, anxiety, food allergies, and acne, just to name a few.

Dr. Ham took my case of PCOS right from the beginning, without any hesitation, and gave me the confidence that I could take control of my health again and my dream of being a mommy would come true, even when other doctors told me otherwise. She encouraged me to start big changes in my lifestyle, and her treatment of homeopathic remedies and various supplements changed me completely. She was always available within a day, even by email, just to make sure any adjustments to treatment were prompt. Her treatment strategies have been very effective, as varied as home therapies, diet plans, and homeopathic remedies tailored perfectly to my needs. These went a long way, improving my hormonal panel and blood sugar, and erasing my anxiety, which was our focus.

I had a follow-up visit after 8 months of treatment and shared with Dr. Ham my BIG news that I was carrying a little miracle. That moment for me was so special, seeing my doctor so emotional and so genuinely happy for me. With her help, my pregnancy was very easy and I ended up delivering a very healthy baby girl of almost 10 lbs. After my delivery, my health took a 180 degree turn, leaving me with vertigo and being extremely sick again. As Dr. Ham is so dedicated to her patients and genuinely cares, she stepped in again and prioritized my health issues in her schedule, assuring me that I would be able to recover. She showed empathy and encouragement throughout my recovery journey, and I’m sure she has for countless others as well. She is an expert in her field and a Genius naturopath!!!
— Camelia E.

Dr. Ham has been my partner in health for two years now. How many of us can use that term for their Doctor? Our visits are never rushed, she is absolutely dogged about finding root causes and then solutions, and she has gone above and beyond to make herself available to me in my times of need.

There have been times in our journey where we talk several times a week, and others where we go for months. . . so how is it she seems to actually remember each of my symptoms and situations?

Let me tell you, when you feel like your Dr.’s only patient, you know you’ve found a winner. I’ve referred many friends and family members to Dr. Ham, and it’s my pleasure to recommend her to you on this site. My health has dramatically improved, as has my overall health I.Q.

Perhaps this is the best way to put it: my horrible insurance plan doesn’t cover Dr. Ham and I happily pay out of pocket for her expertise, care, and partnership. You won’t regret scheduling your first visit, and don’t be shocked, it will probably be a full hour long!.
— Lauren S.

Dr. Ham is a special doctor. She takes the time to attend to your needs and she really listens. She brilliantly balances the responsibilities of being my doctor and yet supports me through my healing process. With her help, my symptoms have reduced dramatically and I am closer to being cured. She will always be my family’s doctor for as long as she practices.
— L. T.

I have been seeing Dr Ham since my last year in medical school. I continued to be treated by her during my residency and even now when I live on the other side of the world, I continue to do phone consults. This is a testament to her brilliant skills as a homeopath and her compassionate and caring nature. I have suffered from asthma and sinusitis since age 3, with treatment and homeopathy from Dr Ham I have been able to stop all my allopathic medications and my asthma is completely under control with no medications. On the rare occasion when my asthma flares, Dr Ham has successfully prescribed an acute remedy to move me through the episode without having to rely on prednisone or nebulizer treatments. Overall I am much healthier and happier.
— Benita P.

We had seen some behaviors with our daughter that seemed “extreme”. Her emotions were very intense; and she would have major crying spells. We had her evaluated and IQ tested and found out she’s profoundly gifted. The emotional and behavioral issues we saw were all normal for a child in this category. However, it didn’t make the issues any easier to deal with, and we were very concerned about how she would handle the transition to a new school.

Dr. Ham found a remedy that works great for our daughter! We saw improvements within the first week. She had fewer and fewer “meltdowns” and crying. She wasn’t “falling apart” over little things anymore. She seemed to have more control over her emotions and was generally happier and more “easy-going”.

It was another remarkable experience thanks to Dr. Ham.
Not only is Dr. Ham a knowledgeable and experienced ND; she truly cares about her patients. Dr. Ham took the time to follow-up with us on many occasions, via emails and phone calls…just to make sure our daughter was doing ok. It’s also so reassuring to know I can email or call her with questions and my concerns will be addressed.
— Jenny W.

I first received medical care from Dr. Ham when her mentor and teacher sent her to see me when I was debilitated and suffering in the acute phase of what has now become chronic Lyme Disease.

Charting the big picture, I was virtually bedridden and later mobile by wheelchair, then with a cane. Now I am independently able to walk long distances.
In addition to my capacity to walk again, with Dr. Ham’s care all of the many detail facets of addressing a systemic disease have been addressed that render a fully holistic healing to transpire within me.

As I reap healing from the homeopathy journey guided by Dr. Ham, I wonder thoughtfully about how this medicine prevails. As this is not an area of my expertise, I do not understand the medical science. I can only have my unique experience.

But I can write in expression of this experience. For me, I believe that the only possible route in healing from the affliction and suffering caused from Lyme Disease is to render transformation of the spirochete. Raging war with allopathic pharmaceutical and even crude phytochemical only renders an enraged and emboldened enemy and an endless fight with an adaptive microscopic entity that shares my DNA.

Instead, now, I am being healed in spite of spirochetal presence. I am receiving the opportunity of transformation with homeopathic care. The imbalances of my entire life that I had at the onset of Lyme Disease are being addressed by homeopathy as well as the progressive symptomology that has prevailed the last many years since infection.

It is immensely clear to me that this journey of grace is made actual for me directly because of Dr. Natalie Ham. Dr. Ham carefully listens, shows empathy, and supports me. She provides a medical safety net of compassion and expertise. I feel cared for as vulnerabilities from experiencing a chronic disease arises. She has almost exclusively been able to accurately choose remedy after remedy for these years that enables healing to continue, to occur, to provide me with increasing life vitality. I am indebted.

There is no quick route, no short cut, no immediate fix here. I am reminded and remain secure in knowing of Dr. Ham’s commitment as a doctor to my process. I can trust in her help. This has been persistently true for the entire time of my fortune of being Dr. Ham’s patient.

In gratitude I continue journey with Lyme, with Doctor Ham, with healing.
— Joanna

I came to Dr. Ham with a number of issues. I had just been diagnosed with stage IV endometriosis, PCOS, imbalanced hormones and a debilitating case of anxiety. Previous suggestions were hormone suppressing shots, hormone pills to balance out other imbalanced hormones and surgeries. I felt that these suggestions were too drastic and that they were only adding to the cycle of imbalance in my body.

Dr. Ham took me in and made me feel comfortable to tell her about each concern I had and every ache and pain. She gave me remedies and advice that focused on the long term, big picture of my health. She has taught me how to be in tune with my body and to pick up on signs that can help her determine the best remedy.

The remedies have reduced my anxiety immensely and the pain from my endometriosis and PCOS are significantly more manageable. Not only do I feel better but my blood labs prove that my hormones are shifting back into balance. My hormones being back in balance will directly improve the endometriosis, PCOS and anxiety. Dr. Ham has also helped me mentally deal with the emotions and thought processes that come along with having health stand in the way of some of my life’s plans.

I am thankful for Dr. Ham’s help and I am so glad to have her as a partner in my healing.
— Ashley R.

When I had my first appointment with Dr. Ham, I was in a state of desperation. I had been previously diagnosed with major depression and anxiety and had been on various prescription drugs since I was a teenager, none of which truly helped me. At one point I got off all medication to do a brain scan that confirmed these diagnoses, but the withdraw side effects from weaning off the prescriptions were so severe and terrifying that I never wanted to take those drugs again.

At my first appointment, Dr. Ham said she suspected I had a condition called PCOS—something I’d never heard of and no doctor had ever mentioned to me before. When I realized the symptoms matched up to my other complaints, and the diagnosis was confirmed with lab work and an ultrasound, I was relieved.

There was a name for what was wrong with me and depression was just a symptom of it! Unfortunately, this also meant that my irregular periods were not just because I had been on birth control for years. This also meant that there was a reason I hadn’t been able to get pregnant.

Because Dr. Ham was able to balance my hormones naturally using homeopathy and a few supplements, I am thrilled to say that I am free from the depression that nearly destroyed my life, and I am pregnant with a child who was conceived naturally. I am grateful every day for Dr. Ham and for the healing power of homeopathy.
— Heather P.

Being post menopausal, I choose to be treated in a natural way and with the help of Dr. Natalie Ham. I have been able to achieve that. My initial visit was very thorough; she spent nearly two hours asking questions about my medical history, lifestyle, and diet. After evaluating the information she developed a treatment plan for me that included diet, exercise, and remedies. I am not having hot flashes like before and I am getting more restful sleep. I have even lost some weight. I feel great, thanks to Dr. Ham.
— Carol H.